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Website to write my critical thinkings Northwestern Supplemental Essay Personal Statement, unique qualities of NU-Chemical EngineeringI will quickly write up a 300 word max essay about this topic. Any help is appreciated. Many thanks all ahead of time :) Although Northwestern University's acceptance rate hovers around 14 percent, why would I consider applying? The answer lies in the Robert R. McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science. The pupil to professor ratio is remarkably seven to one, which will allow for more productive interactions with a faculty member with regards to of coursework and also assistance in challenging material. As an undergraduate student interested in pursuing an important in Chemical Engineering, I keenly look ahead to make use of the possible internship openings from world class corporations like IBM and Sonoco among others; i will gain valuable experience. Any engineer requires three foremost qualities and these generally include sound logic, deep analysis, and mathematics. But to produce a fruitful engineer, intuition, metaphorical thinking skills and creativity make an enormous impact. Northwestern offers an original method of reaching the qualities mentioned above, by the "Whole-Brain" concept. I actually do genuinely believe that I am able to succeed underneath the "Whole-Brain" concept as i will think outside of the box, dig deeper into complex problems and spend hours in one problem if needed to help us to become a sophisticated engineer. Spending three weeks through the summer when you look at the residential hall known as Elder Hall, I felt what it is like to be a student of Northwestern through the enriching Center for Talent Development's Equinox program. A number of the counselors, or Residential Teaching Assistants, were recent graduates of Northwestern and truly shown to me what Northwestern instilled into them. Each one of these polished individuals displayed an original attitude which emphasized to your workplace hard, yet at the same time "play hard". Four words can sum up the student experience in Northwestern, "Work hard, play hard". This type of outlook appeals in my experience greatly, when I do enjoy spending countless hours if needed on any school assignment yet at the same time i would ike to go outside and socialize. Through Northwestern University's high repute, it attracts a broad diverse assortment of students of numerous ethnicities. I will feel ecstatic with joy if i will live and attend such a world class educational institution. It will be a dream become a reality for me to attend Northwestern University. Why Northwestern: Normal and SmartI grew up two blocks from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. For me, the Met represents the blend of sports and fine art, and on occasion even the beauty of brutality and culture. Throughout middle school, my friends and I gathered within the Met’s backyard to try out a fun, yet competitive game of tackle football a couple of times per week. The grass was green on “Met Field” once we first started playing in September. Two months into the Fall, the stunning oasis became an enormous wasteland of dust. Whenever I went on a course field visit to the Met, my mind struggled between admiring art pieces plus the upcoming afternoon of tossing the football around. I don’t see a disconnect between valuing Matisse’s “Crockery on a Table” and, say, Drew Brees’ passes. I don’t think i might be alone in appreciating a good quarterback and a piece of art as per a comment of my tour guide to my first trip to Northwestern. He described Northwesterners as “the smartest normal kids in the country.” That comment secured my feeling that Wildcat Nation could be the ideal location for me. Versatility is my norm, from playing guitar to football to combing New York City in search of the most perfect burger. The tour guide’s remark perfectly describes the sort of peers and classmates with whom i wish to share my college experience. During my view, normal and intelligent kids are not merely high-achievers who are masters at balancing work and fun. These kids also possess versatility, and Met football is a microcosm of this balance. I will be also interested in the flexibleness of this quarter system at Northwestern. Taking four classes per quarter and twelve per year will allow me to take many classes away from my major. My guide talked about his class regarding the reputation for hip-hop, which explored the politics of rap. I would like to take a class like this, maybe a class concerning the progression of Greek architecture, or perhaps one on the psychology of bullying. I want to stretch myself and my academic interests throughout college. The Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences offers a cutting-edge and well-rounded liberal arts education, but In addition desire to take advantage of the prestigious Kellogg Certificate Program later in my own college experience. Specifically, I am largely thinking about economics. When touring Northwestern, I quickly moved up to the tour-guide who mentioned he was an economics major. I requested that he speak about the economics major for just a little throughout the tour, and he really talked about any of it for more than just “a little.” He raved concerning the outstanding quality of professors, mentioning a professor named Joseph Ferrie in particular. I looked up Dr. Ferrie and learned that he taught the annals of economics. I read one of his papers that examined the increased mortality rates in Chicago entitled “Death and also the City: Chicago’s Mortality Transition.” The investigation paper examined the issue from an economic perspective, while analyzing the consequence of the role of government. This particular research is the precise sorts of academic work I am looking towards. My innate abilities lie in math while my interests lie in history; Ferrie’s economic analysis combines both. We have already begun to integrate mathematical and historical analyses within my studies. A year ago, I wrote a phrase paper for history concerning the introduction of Jackie Robinson to Major League Baseball therefore the effect it had on professional sports, along with society. Branch Rickey, the master of the Dodgers, wished to integrate the professional baseball by finding an amazing black athlete to prove that blacks could perform at, and even above, the amount that whites performed at. Rickey wished to sign the perfect player, but knew that the recent history had not been kind to African Americans in the United States. It was absolutely essential for the chosen player to be composed in order to deflect racial slurs and criticism from white fans and players. As Rickey explained it, he must have the emotional stability to “armor [himself] from the daggers of prejudice.” Branch Rickey used statistics to determine the best player, but also referenced history to decide on a player with poise. The option of Jackie Robinson to guide the integration movement in baseball perfectly illustrates the kind of research i do want to continue to do at Northwestern. While surviving in Chicago last summer and interning in the Chicago Recording Company, I visited the campus numerous times and fell deeply in love with the ivy-covered buildings, the beauty of the lake, as well as the vibe i acquired from standing into the cafeteria. I cannot envision myself going to school somewhere else. However, beauty alone is but a tiny factor in my decision to apply early to Northwestern. We have looked over all aspects of Wildcat life. We have studied the list of clubs and realize that I will not have difficulty to find clubs to participate. In reality, the challenge may be choosing from the rich options, for instance the Happiness Club and Mee-Ow Comedy Troupe. Then, you can find the traditions, which also reflect the fun loving nature regarding the school. I yearn for the opportunity to paint my entire body purple and jingle my keys during kick off in preparation for the Wildcats whooping Iowa at Ryan Field. I wish to study hard for finals and then go outside and scream as loud as I am able to, just because I'm able to. I want to be an integral part of the Northwestern ritual of painting the rock and guarding it furiously despite the fact that it is ten degrees and snowing. I crave the opportunity to dance until my legs fall off to raise money for charity. I validated my initial sense of the University whenever I visited the school and stayed overnight within the fall when classes were in session. As soon as I stepped out of the cab onto Sheridan Road, I knew my decision had been finalized. The school spirit was tangible as students were walking on in purple with “Wildcats” written to their clothes. Between watching hands turn into Wildcat claws throughout the game against Michigan, speaking with economics majors concerning the economics department, eating at Lisa’s, or simply hanging out into the dorms and ordering from Buffalo Wild Wings, I knew that Northwestern had “Nick Jacobson” written all over it. Northwestern has something I call the “intangible factor”; I felt in my gut that this place was for me. We have not visited another school in almost any part of the country where kids have expressed exactly the same enthusiasm for his or her school. At Northwestern, I got the experience that everyone just desires to be there and loves it. It’s not too they even desire to be there. They would do just about anything to be there. For me, Northwestern will combine fun and learning, as Met football once did in my own life. I am aware i shall benefit from everything the institution needs to offer and thrive when you look at the academic and social environment associated with school. I can say with conviction that Northwestern could be the location for me — a location where i will be well suited to blow the next four many years of my life. Post your essay. Get expert feedback. For free. We are trying to help students boost their writing the hard way. Do you know students who want critical essay reviews from a professor of English Literature? Click prefer to share. View here to register and post your own essay. We offer no paid services. All reviews are totally free. Why I Wish To Go To Northwestern - With A Totally Free Essay Review

As an Honor Science Student and a person who reads two scientific magazines National Geographic and Science et Vie (issued monthly in France), I am interested in Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences for its outstanding science program. I especially like how the department connects science to your world today. While physics and chemistry were my personal favorite subjects back in twelfth grade, I happened to be annoyed by the unrealistic problems plus the not enough connection to the world. Therefore I definitely will take your unique Freshman Seminar: Big Science: could it be Worth the Cost? As someone who will probably become a researcher or an engineer later on, I would personally love to take a course that discusses the impact that large scale researches, which are conducted by large team of scientists and sustained by government fundings have on science. I also love the reality that Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences is impressive in several other programs as well. Having learned French as my third language and studied in a French speaking senior school for the last four and half years, i want to deepen my French culture even more by firmly taking the Classicism and Enlightenment course. In fact, I have already see the masterpieces of some writers from that time, like Moliere and La Fontaine and I also really liked them. Northwestern University’s active student organizations also attract me. I am going to definitely join Music Learning Community and continue steadily to learn and perform guitar. The very unique Happiness Club also attracts my attention. I have never been aware of such thing before and wish to join their movement to spread happiness. Another thing i really like about Northwestern University is its unique MENU program. As someone who has excelled in the math class since primary school and it has been participating math contest within the last few three years, I am thrilled because of the prospect of continuing to analyze advanced mathematics while retaining the possibility to major in science. Aside from all these, Northwestern’s proximity and connection with the city of Chicago appeals in my experience. It offers a rich culture that i am going to definitely would you like to explore. In addition, Northwestern’s close collaboration with many organizations in Chicago, such as for example its Art Institute will provide me with diverse opportunities to accumulate some working experience and field studies before graduation. ESSAY REVIEW NOTE: i suppose you will be giving an answer to the following PROMPT: What are the unique qualities of Northwestern — and associated with the specific undergraduate school to that you are applying — which make you need to attend the University? In what ways would you desire to use the qualities you have got identified? I think your essay has a couple of of problems worth addressing. 1. Your essay lacks the sort of explicit overarching theme had a need to prevent it getting the appearance of being a mere directory of things you prefer about Northwestern: i prefer A (first paragraph); I also love B (second paragraph); C also attracts me (third paragraph); and D appeals in my opinion (fourth paragraph). There's nothing wrong with what you say about A, B, C or D. But the essay as a whole is simply a little bit dull. You are taking the essay as a way to demonstrate your understanding of some interesting reasons for Northwestern and to reveal a couple of interesting things about yourself. You should also make the essay as an opportunity to demonstrate your essay-writing ability. 2. Assuming that I've identified the correct prompt, then the second problem together with your essay is that it is targeted on unique programs and organizations in the place of unique qualities. Problem # 2 need not concern you that much since its solution is exactly like the solution to problem no. 1. I.e., develop and explicitly articulate an overarching theme. So long as the theme is all about a good or collection of qualities, you will have both properly answered the prompt, and written a far more coherent, less episodic essay. You will do have, of course, an implicit overarching theme. All you say about Northwestern indicates a general fascination with the university's learning environment. You come closest to articulating that interest explicitly once you talk, in your first paragraph, exactly how the science program "connects science towards the world today," since that feature regarding the science program appears to be a particular pedagogical feature that you are interested in and that contrasts with the pedagogy of one's senior school science teachers. What you should do is always to know what may be the general feature of a learning environment for which a science program that connects science towards the world could be a concrete example. But it should also be an element for which MENU would be an example and for which perhaps the student organizations could be a good example. You can claim, by way of example, and trivially, that Northwestern has a "great" or "unique" learning environment. Of course, that might be much too general. Fill out the next sentence, however, and you should have something you can work with: Northwestern has a learning environment that allows X (or X and Y and Z). A directory of your essay would then read something such as this: i wish to attend Northwestern since it has a learning environment that allows X in unique ways. For instance A, B, C, D. Note that this summary will not include an answer into the question "In what ways can you hope to use the qualities you've got identified?" That question will perhaps be implicitly answered by the expression of an intent to take certain courses and join certain organizations. Just be sure that it's clear to your reader that you will be in fact answering the question. The next matter you need to do in order to enhance the essay is to find an easy method of communicating your interests and achievements without indulging in way too much blatant self-promotion. Go through the three sentences you start with the phrase "As" and the one beginning with "Having studied." These sentences say, in effect, "I'm a good person, and so I like X." Your essay should demonstrate the method that you think as well as perhaps reveal a little about yourself which is not clear from other application materials, such as for example SATs and grades; by using the essay simply to directly state things that you think cause you to look good, you run the possibility of either alienating your reader or revealing a misunderstanding associated with the function of the admissions essay. The goal of this particular essay would be to speak about a) Northwestern and b) everything you expect you'll get out of likely to Northwestern; you write an essay that is, in a lot of places, regarding how your self-professed strengths move you to interested in Northwestern. There's nothing to be gained, in any case, in stating that you might be proficient at mathematics because the claim is either unverifiable or already verified by the application materials. You'll find nothing wrong, however, with stating that mathematics is your (or one of your) favorite or strongest subjects, that you are interested in studying advanced mathematics, and therefore you believe MENU provides a good foundation for such study. This really is just a concern of getting the tone additionally the emphasis right. Writing the Supplement to the Common ApplicationIf you’re deciding on USC, Stanford, the Claremont Colleges, the Ivies, Pepperdine, or Occidental College, there is certainly a high probability you’ve already come face-to-face with all the Common Application. While many of the 488 Common Application member schools, such as Trinity College (Hartford, CT) and Washington University (St. Louis. MO) have no supplements (you just submit online the main application, which contains one short, about 130 words, and something long, maximum 500 words, essay, with your activities, awards, and general information) a lot of the other colleges do have supplements. Many require a number of essays (because of the University of Chicago’s essays being particularly challenging). One type of essay regarding the supplement that challenges students could be the matchmaker essay: a persuasive essay in which you tell the school why you love it, and just why it should love you. Yale offers you 500 characters (100 words) to react to, “What in particular about Yale has influenced your choice to apply?” Swarthmore is much more direct, “Why Swarthmore?” and gives you 2,000 characters. Northwestern University is much more elaborate having its matchmaking prompt on its supplement: “what exactly are the unique qualities of Northwestern — and of the specific undergraduate school to that you simply are applying — that make you need to attend the University? With what ways can you aspire to use the qualities you have got identified?” No word limit is given, however if you go much beyond 600 words, you better have something very interesting to express. The Northwestern admissions department read over 32,000 applications from entering freshmen for the fall of 2012; it appreciates concision. Whatever the case, this essay prompt doesn’t overtly ask you to answer what you’re bringing into the party, however it does ask you how you’re intending to take advantage of the school. That’s almost the exact same question. A powerful response requires you research the college along with your possible major requirements and options. Doing this well requires a long time reviewing the school’s website, the curriculum of a department of great interest, and understanding the Northwestern school of preference core curriculum. Many students fade at the outlook to do their due diligence. That’s a shame, because it’s a beneficial idea, regardless of supplement, to learn the school, and what it gives for a yearly price of attendance (COA) of $60,000. When a school asks you the way it will probably benefit from your presence on campus, it is not asking for concrete achievements (after all they already have that information in different areas of the application), rather, it is asking regarding the intangibles. Stanford, as an example, wants to learn about your ‘intellectual vitality’. If you define ‘intellectual vitality’ as a mixture of intense intellectual curiosity and a solid work ethic, afterward you have to support your endowment of both with specific examples. You may reference taking your AP US Government class and learning the responsibilities of this US Senate. You, however, took this assignment further by writing a detailed essay associated with Senate’s evolution through the antebellum period up through the early 1950’s, culminating when you look at the recitation of key portions of Robert Caro’s Master associated with the Senate: many years of Lyndon Johnson. Naturally, in the event that you had the foresight to get a recommendation through the teacher of the class, you’ve covered lots of bases by the response to this supplemental essay question. Do a lot of students successfully execute such an attempt? No, because, frankly, it’s a lot of work and needs a lot of thinking. If, however, you prove to be the exception into the rule, and learn how to position yourself well aided by the school, you’ve learned an art and craft of incalculable value. This is actually the same effort required to find a job, acquire a residency, or secure a grant. There’s nothing supplemental about building such a skill. It should be far more common.

Website to write my critical thinkings.

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